Check back frequently for the most up-to-date information.?


  • January 19: Arrival for students quarantining with UVM and students cleared for early arrival
  • January 22: Arrival for new and mid-year Resident Advisors
  • January 24: Arrival for returning Resident Advisors
  • January 28:?Move-in for students new to UVM in Spring 2021 (first-time, first years and transfers) and students new to UVM in Fall 2020 & new to the residence halls in Spring 2021??
  • January 28:?Quarantine period complete for students quarantining with UVM
  • January 30-31: Arrival?for students returning to the residence halls not quarantining with UVM

Where can I check-in??

The main desk for your residential complex is where you will go through the check-in process. There?you can pick up your key and check-in.?You can view the location of the main desk for your building?on the UVM Compass App or on our campus map.

How many guests?are allowed to?help me?move-in??

No guests, including family members, are?permitted in the residence halls. Drop-off will be curbside only.

How can I make moving in easier?

Recommendations and helpful tips for a successful move-in include:

  • Pack using tote bins as much as possible to minimize trips to the vehicle.?
  • If purchasing items, elect to have them shipped.
  • Depending on your needs, bring a foldable or a full-size hand cart.
  • Pack mindfully as rooms tend to average nearly 200 sq feet and is often shared with another individual.

I have arrived early/prior to my check-in time,?can?I move in??

Students should only arrive on-campus during their scheduled move-in time. Move-in will not be permitted between 12pm-1pm for cleaning and disinfecting of high-touch areas.?

I want to check-in after the 30th and 31st move-in dates. Can I arrive late?

Students will be able to arrive on-campus after the 30th and 31st, but will need to check-in at their residence hall main desk in order to maintain access to their building. ?

Can families go out to eat?with their student?or do they have to leave after drop-off/unpacking???

Guests?are only permitted to?be on-campus for curbside drop-off and must return to their hotels once they have moved their student in. ?Guests will not be permitted into the buildings during move-in. ???

Are families allowed to go with students to testing???

No, once a student is moved in families are expected to leave campus.?

My accommodation was not met, what can I do??

Check with?the main desk in Robinson Hall?to?see?if we have this accommodation on file. If this is a new request, check with SAS regarding submitting the request.? If this request is on file and there is something that we should have completed (Ex. strobe lighting), then please contact the ResLife main office at (802) 656-3434 or so we can direct your message accordingly.

When can I change my room??

At move in – we permit body for body swaps?within the same residential complex?(all students?must?agree?– even if they are not moving).? All students involved in the move or accepting new roommates, need to present themselves to the?Office?Manager (OM)?or send an email to their OM?agreeing to the change?for?the?move to be approved.? All other requests?to move?will?be?submitted via Trading Spaces, which?begins after add/drop ends and roommate agreements are completed. Watch for emails from the Department of Residential Life.?

I don’t have a?roommate;?can I remove the?additional?furniture??

All furniture must remain?in your room, even if you are the only person occupying it.?Please do not remove any room furniture yourself. Furniture left in the hallway is unsafe, a fire-safety-code violation, and could result in a $500 fine.?

I will no longer be living on campus for the Spring 2021 semester due to a status change, how do I arrange to pick up my items?

Complete the Spring Status Change Move-out Form located on as soon as possible.?In this form you will choose a date to return to campus between January 15 – 18 or January 22 – 25 to retrieve your belongings. UVM will not pack, store or ship your items to you. Items that are left behind after January 25 will be disposed of.